Ellisville Public Library News

The Ellisville Public Library is pleased to announce that it has a beautiful new sign and building designation in place! The custom Laurel-Jones County Library System logo, designed by Erin Napier, is now prominently displayed on our stand- ing roadside sign. We hope our new signage will serve as a welcoming beacon to everyone.
By: Joanna Ashley, Branch Manager

E-books are Coming

When you are on the move, E-books are the way to go!

We are currently in the process of getting  our e-book  program  ready.  E-books are designed to let  any  patron with a valid library card check out and read books on a mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection. Checking out  E-books will be hassle free, and our friendly staff will be fully trained to help you check out e-books.  All you need is your smart phone, iphone, tablet, or e-reader.

Checkout an e-book and download it to your device and never get caught without something to read.