ILL (Interlibrary Loan)

Can’t find what you are looking for in the library system’s on-line catalog? We borrow and loan items to many libraries around Mississippi and the United States. However, items published within the last 12 (twelve) months cannot be requested. If you would like the Laurel-Jones County Library System, Inc. to borrow an item for you from another library, follow these steps:

Check the Laurel-Jones County Library System on-line catalog to be sure we do not have the item in our collection

    • Click on the MVUC (Mississippi Virtual Union Catalog) link below
    • Search for the item using the Search bar or the Advanced Search bar
    • If the item is displayed in the search results, click on the format listed by the cover art and select which you would like t o have (book, large print etc..) NOTE: If you do not find the item you need, use the Blank ILL Form tab.
    • Click “Request Item”
    • Fill in the form – you must include:
      • Password of your choosing
      • First and last name
      • Library card number
      • Patron’s contact phone number or email address and Pick-up library
    • Submit the request

Keep your password; it cannot be retrieved if you lose it. You will need your password to track your ILL requests. To track your ILL requests enter your name and password in the bar at the top right of the main MVUC page. By using the same combination of name and password for multiple requests, you will be able to view all of your requests together when you use ILL tracking.

If you use an email address for contact, you will receive email updates concerning the ILL process. A library staff member will contact when your item arrives.

The library system is happy to provide ILL services free of charge. Please use ILL services wisely. It costs the library system approximately $5 per request for shipping and processing. If you fail to pick-up a requested item, your account will be charged $2 for each item. Late fees assessed on ILL items are $2 per day per ILL item not returned on time. If the ILL item is lost or damaged, you will be charged a replacement cost. For more details on ILL Services see Policies and Information the “About Us” tab.

The wait time for an ILL request is typically four (4) weeks, but the process can take longer.

Mississippi Virtual Union Catalog


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about ILL.
Phone: 601-428-4313 ext. 108
Fax: 601-428-0597